Design tools change. Marketing strategies come and go. But my support is always here. You need focus, energy and determination to do what you love, not spending sleepless nights learning how to set up an email list or how to change fonts or stressing about what to post on Instagram the next day. I will take care of that!


Getting to know you

I would love to have a chat with you. Help me understand your business. Share with me your vision, goals, strengths and challenges. I will send you some questions then we will talk about who your customer is, what’s working, what isn’t and the brand you want to build and how your services align with everything else.

Then I will recommend strategies to meet your needs and create a customised quote for the services I can help you achieve them.

You are unique. So is your business

Brand Styling

Starting with your logo, then your business colours, the images, your voice, what your client say or think about you and much more is what defines your brand.

Businesses as people are always evolving, so no matter how far or close you are to your goals and dreams, I will help you find the right tools to represent you. Will create a blueprint for you to use when creating your content, either being recipes, nutrition or fitness plans for your clients. Your work will be way much easier.

Creating your home online

Custom web design

Let’s introduces your clients to your world, your creations, your supportive or information packed online home of your business. It should be mobile friendly and optimised for google. From a simple blog to visuals only or intrinsic website, I can create it and show you how to manage it. I am here if you need me but I also want to empower you to run your business as you wish.

But most importantly, your website has to have a purpose. We will decide, plan and implement so that the structure of your website guides your clients to your business goal.

Connecting clients to wellness

Social media marketing

Your awesome services deserve to be found. And you have to get out there, not to knock on doors or cover all social media channels but to inspire and empower others. Change people’s lives.

We will find the one thing that show a glimpse of what your business is about, or maybe a few, as many wellness entrepreneurs are know to magically combine their creativity and knowledge and excel at positively making an impact!

I will then plan and put a strategy in place so that the right people, your ideal clients will hear and see you when they most need you.

I work with wellness lovers only


“My clients put passion in the food they cook, in the recommendations they give, in the plans they made or in the way they move. They care deeply about the services they offer and the clients they serve. They dare to dream and I will always support the dreamers. Is a promise xo Ella ”