Being mindful of what you eat is a way of taking charge of your health, a way of doing something for yourself that no one else can do for you, consciously and systematically addressing your nutritious needs while going on with the challenges and demands of everyday life.


Branding & strategic marketing + Website

The free discovery call with Ulla was so exciting. She strongly knew what she can offer. She is a down to earth person who wants people to honour food again, and help them to build mindful habits towards food while bringing real advice and clarity in a busy world.

Her business goals were also set. But she needed help to put everything together. After discussing who her clients are, how she can market her services and create awareness of her brand, we settled on a earthly palette for her brand colours, handwritten complementary font and a simple and clean design for her website with unique features (see below) as well as an Instagram marketing strategy that would create excitement with the launch of her new website.

the mindful plate home online

Custom web design

The website I created for Ulla is fully responsive or mobile friendly, so no matter the size of the screen is viewed on, the content will adapt.
The Mindful Plate website is based on the WordPress content management system which is one of the latest technologies in web development allowing for easy maintenance and updating of the website.

My work included:

  • customisation of provided WordPress theme with custom CSS
  • 8 unique pages with blog integration and  sample post page
  • recipes page with integrated custom image gallery
  • custom contact form
  • recipe print plugin integration with sample post
  • opt-in mail integration with existing MailChimp account
  • pop-up freebie offer integrated with MailChimp email lists
  • local SEO optimization for unique pages
  • back up/spam/statistics plugin integration
  • social media plugin integration
  • WordPress and site features training

The difference between
a time consuming DIY blog (left)
and a customised and professional website (right)
that truly represents you and your services.
*Click and drag arrows to reveal.


Connecting Ulla to her audience

Instagram strategy and graphics

We completely agreed that the best way to celebrate the website launch was to promote it on Instagram. Ulla decided to separate her personal account from her business account and use a campaign to offer a glimpse of her services.

The purpose was to get people to eat mindfully for 14 days, each day had its own message, graphic and custom researched hashtags to be used so that the right people would find and engage with Ulla’s posts.

To build momentum, Ulla made sure that she remind her personal account followers of the campaign and that would finish with a giveaway. Even after the campaign finished, I am so happy that Ulla continued to use the branding for her quotes and throughout her posts. She is using my recommendations and even taking it further, thank you Ulla for being an amazing client!

the reason I love what I do

A note from Ulla

I didn’t find Ionela – she found me. In hindsight, I can say that the universe put her in my path like a big tree branch that you can’t just skip over. She found me when I had already hired a designer for my website, but she saw that I was struggling to find a groove with that person, while she practically bubbled over with ideas she had already gathered for me, and I said yes.

Her work ethic (clean cut contract terms, always on time, consistently 110%, and always a step ahead), paired with her ability to read beyond what was in my mind, resulted in a website that was better than I had imagined.

When she says custom – she means it! No annoying back and forth over misunderstood layouts or color schemes. Instead I got real-time Skype sessions where she’d let me see different versions of this layout, that button style, or those color combinations, and I was able to give input while she did her magic on the other end.

I believe we were both equally excited for launch day, when we finally went live. But Ionela’s work didn’t stop there. She helped me fine tune the site based on the first feedback I received and gave excellent advice on how to run things on my own now.

To top it off, Ionela completed my launch with a coordinating Instagram campaign, complete with tips, custom branded images, quotes, and hashtags. I couldn’t have felt any safer or more ready to launch!


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