When passions align

Hi beautiful! I am Ella, a digital designer and strategist behind Wellomedia, a place where I offer my full support on your way to a successful wellness business. Is my wish for you to do well on media, that is, on the ways that you communicate with your clients, be it through branding, a website or on social media.

From a young age I understood the need for living in harmony with my body, became aware of how alternative medicine, movement and healthy eating can contribute to a more energised and conscious life. With self care and sheer determination I studied and raised my boys at the same time. I specialise in Environmental Studies but ended up working in the corporate world as a designer. Running a house, full time mum and working was exhausting, I managed for a while..

I walked to and from work, ate nutritious meals, spend time in nature but something had to change. I knew it, my work was lacking creativity and was not letting me do something more, like helping out, I was not making a difference.

Now, Wellomedia is my mission. I am here to give you the support you need to pursue your dreams, attract the clients you want and create a business you love! Are you ready?

The People I Serve

Calling all wellness lovers

Are you a nutritionist,  recipe creator, dietitian, therapist, heath coach, fitness instructor, Pilates, Reiki or yoga teacher, counsellor, personal trainer or any other holistic professional?

Do you work with functional medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, meditation, physiotherapy, reflexology or any other complementary therapies?